Gregory D. Hunter was born on August 31, 1969, with divine purpose. He is the son of Charles L. Hunter and Deloris Hunter, and the oldest of two children. He is the proud father of four children: Ce’marra, Tajauhna, Isaiah, and Zion and the grandfather of two grandchildren: Kingston and Na’Jon.

At the age of six, Gregory accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. In 1989 he made his public acceptance to the call of ministry. He preached his first sermon at the Mount Zion Baptist Church pastored by the late Rev. Dr. M.T. Thompson. As a young adult, he taught bible study to the youth choir at Berkeley Mount Zion. In 1990-1991, he became the youth minister for Praise Temple Baptist Church. His ministry continued to grow leaps and bounds.

God blessed him with a natural talent to play instruments and to write music. He played instruments for amazing world-renowned evangelists, and Gospel artists. He was blessed to play with famous musicians and write music for various artists. His gifts made room for him. The many things that God allowed Gregory D. Hunter to experience prepared him for the leadership assignment placed over his life.

In 1991, he met his spiritual father and mentor, the late Bishop Gordon Humphrey Jr. It was through this encounter and under his mentor’s tutelage that he received his formal training, and Godly counsel. Recognizing and nurturing the anointing and calling upon his life, Bishop Gordon Humphrey Jr. appointed him to various offices and positions within the church, which included the following: Minister of Praise and Worship, Sunday School Teacher, Bible Study Teacher, and Evangelism/ Discipleship Teacher. In June 1994, he was ordained by the late Bishop Gordon Humphrey, Jr., as a minister at Olivet Institutional Baptist Church. He would preach in Bishop Humphreys stead when he was absent.

In addition to serving in various capacities of leadership throughout the years, Pastor Gregory D. Hunter was also involved in a variety of ministry endeavors that prepared him to embrace lost souls and minister to the whole individual in the United States and Internationally. In 1995, he produced Olivet Institutional Baptist Church CD Project entitled, “Sunday Night Live” which touched lives across the globe. In addition, the Lord blessed him to take the Olivet Choir to Russia to perform in the hit play “Gospel at Colonus.” In 1998, he traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark to conduct a Gospel Music Workshop.

Following years of preparation, God released him to embark upon his own ministry. In August of 2003, Celebration Worship Center was birthed and held their first service January 4, 2004. Celebration Worship Center existed from January 2004 – January 2009. Many souls were saved, healed, and delivered. In January 2009, he prayerfully decided to return to his home church (Olivet) to help his spiritual father, Pastor Gordon Humphrey Jr., build ministry.

In December 2011, he was chosen to become Staff Pastor of the Olivet church and given the responsibility to assist and shepherd Olivet while Bishop Humphrey transitioned to Senior Pastor of the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church of Chicago, IL. While working as Staff Pastor for 3 years, he diligently preached and served the membership and community with love and compassion. On August 31, 2014, the baton was passed from Pastor Gordon Humphrey to him, and he became the Senior Pastor of the Olivet Oakland Church.

He attends Faith International University located in Tacoma, WA. He will receive his Bachelor of Arts degree in Pastoral Leadership in October 2022.

Pastor Gregory D. Hunter is a visionary leader who is eager to serve and lead the people of God. He is a preacher after God’s heart. He is committed to making disciples in the church and in the community in which he serves. He is called and chosen to preach God’s Word. He has an anointing that allows him to minister to those in need of healing of the mind, body, and soul. Although his spiritual father, the late Bishop Gordon Humphrey Jr., has gone on to be with the Lord, Pastor Gregory D. Hunter is running with the baton that was passed to him over seven years ago continuing to learn, pastor and serve under God’s direction.


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